Monday, September 22, 2008 loves l'bastuerd fifi

Recently, the CEO of Michael Robertson contacted I, l'Bastuerd Fifi, master of the slink and purveyor of the sublime philosophy, saying "Oh Fifi Bastard, your music is so revealing of all that is sensual, and your philosophy has guided our company for years. We support you against the hated and despised EMI Records and their evil and stupid approach to music distribution and the slink."

"Go on." I said.

"We have a free mobile download service for mp3's and wanted to know if you would be the first to use it." He added, "We would be honored and this would be a historical musical event."

"It is free, no strings attached? All music must be free, you bastard, this must be not another stupid American trick like the nomination of President Palin!" I responded.

"Oh yes Fifi, absolutely free. Download your luscious music that uplifts the women into your arms to any mobile phone."

I thought about this for a moment, free music to a mobile phone, beautiful women all over the world texting Fifi Bastard to all of their girlfriends and dreaming of l'bastuerd fifi.....hmmmm

Sweet Mademoiselle, consider this track to your bff -
J's Sleepin'

Slinky Stewardess, let the sublime philosophy guide you leave your country and come visit fifi, txt me back tho,k?
Walkin' Away

l'femme American, great thrusting awaits your tempestuous kisses, and when you make love to Fifi, nigerian women shall sing and clap their hands around us. text this to your swff.
Jane Says'