Thursday, September 25, 2008

Apologize for your brazen idiocracy, Wired blogger Eliot Van Buskirk!

I, l'Bastuerd Fifi, maƮtre de l'allure furtive, revealer du tout ce qui est sensuel et digne de l'attraction femelle, have a story to tell!

This morning, after l'femme Pearl and l'femme Jazmine left my house after an late evening and early morning hot tub and mutual affection session, I went online and found a wonderful video, (see post below) called FILE SHARING is NOT STEALING. I blogged it as you l'idiot americans can read underneath.

I also did a Google search to see what other blogs may have found this video. I noticed that one of the blogs who found it was Wonderful, I thought, I should expect to read a similar elucidation on the topic, perhaps even rivaling my own, but what did I read instead from the writer, Eliot Van Buskirk???
it's true, file sharing is not stealing. It's infringement, which comes with much higher fines (up to $150K per song) and potentially longer jail times than you'd get for stealing a CD.
l'idiot American!

Filesharing is NEITHER stealing NOR infringement. it is simply the free transfer of digital files computer to computer via a P2P network. Your article, if objective, should have stated
And it's true, file sharing is not stealing, however, in some cases, it can be considered infringement on copyright law, which comes with much higher fines (up to $150K per song) and potentially longer jail times than you'd get for stealing a CD.
You must be an EMI records evil and stupid Sarah Palin supporter. Apologize to the people, Eliot Van Buskirk, for your misleading entry!

RIAA FAIL: Lose verdict against online downloader

The $222,000 verdict against Jammy Thomas for copyright infringement by P2P is no more. U.S. District Court Judge Michael Davis dismissed the verdict, saying it was based on the faulty “making available” theory of distribution. Thomas will face a new trial, in which the RIAA will have to prove actual distribution.

The decision means the RIAA now has zero wins at trial, Wired notes.

Filesharing is NOT Stealing

Clearly, those who made this video reek with genius and have gained the clarity of the saints.

BROTHERS and SISTERS. Enter the world of the sublime

In this latest epic masterpiece, I, l'Bastuerd Fifi, capture the slink in all of it's fine detail, as I allow the sultry vocals of l'femme Therese Willis to percolate like morning coffee over a bass line that was designed to stimulate your lower back and groin region.

If l'idiot American was able to handle such ferociousness, there would be peace between men and women and all the babies in the world would be happy. Stupid Americans with your idiot Palin for President philosophy! I release my music to you free of charge in the hope that you will change your voting and eating habits.

Brothers and Sisters. Download to your computer. Upload to your