Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vesper Rey

One evening l'espirit of inspiration  moved me to compose one of the loveliest melodies and arrangements perhaps in all of the history of Europe. I immediately recorded it  into my computer, but left in unmixed or unmastered.

Later in the evening, three Nigerian women came to my house, begging to make love to l'Bastuerd Fifi. I obliged their delicate needs with the attention of a master. However, in the height of their pleasure, the entire hard drive of the recording was destroyed by the thunder of their orgasms. All I had left of the music was a simple mp3 file, unmixed, unmastered.

I titled the composition '
VESPER REY', and left it untouched yet for this one raw recording.

If you stupid Americans understood this simple composition, you would never be sad again.

A 'vesper' is a prayer said at midnight.

Is a rey a particle or a wave?

Vesper Rey to your computer. upload to mobile

I, l'bastuerd fifi, declare WAR on the US GOV copyright CZAR and PALIN ADMINISTRATION

Upon awakening this morning, I turned to blog.WIRED to see the impact my music and philosophy has had on that magazine over the past few years, and read the following article sans headline. Brace yourself, l'idiot Americans, this is going to get ugly.

Senate Passes Bill Creating 'Copyright Czar'. link

A copyright czar??? Have you l'idiot americans not done enough damage in the world? Are you now giving war powers to enforce the evil mafia influenced business models of Hollywood and the RIAA????

Let's look at some of the idiocracy here in fine detail, shall we?

The legislation, unanimously approved on a consent vote, came as lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are scrambling to hammer out a $700 billion Wall Street bailout.
EVIL! In the middle of the biggest l'idiot american financial tragedy in history, you concern yourselves to protect a mafia business model?
The executive and its office would be charged with creating a nationwide plan to combat piracy and "report directly to the president and Congress regarding domestic international intellectual property enforcement programs."

Come and get l'bastuerd fifi! I have circumvented EMI from releasing my record and ENCOURAGE everyone to download it for free millions and millions of times over.

You cannot PREVENT the free flow of information in a P2P network, not without changing the constitution or greatly restricting human freedom and ingenuity. Music was ALWAYS free until the beginning of the 20th century when mafia influenced MCA Lew Wasserman created and negotiated the standard model to deal with the new medium of the time, phonograph and radio.

If you overbloated and overstuffed studio CEO's would learn how to convert ATTENTION SPAN into commerce, you would benefit from the free trade of music. Since you are thinking like early 20th century mafia business men, only wishing to control the flow of the creative idea and with no foresight into the future, I predict FAIL.

Line up your new copyright czar up against your drug czar and terrorism czar and have fun collapsing into the 21st Century, l'idiots. I'm sure Sarah Palin will lead your copyright czar into victory.