Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vesper Rey

One evening l'espirit of inspiration  moved me to compose one of the loveliest melodies and arrangements perhaps in all of the history of Europe. I immediately recorded it  into my computer, but left in unmixed or unmastered.

Later in the evening, three Nigerian women came to my house, begging to make love to l'Bastuerd Fifi. I obliged their delicate needs with the attention of a master. However, in the height of their pleasure, the entire hard drive of the recording was destroyed by the thunder of their orgasms. All I had left of the music was a simple mp3 file, unmixed, unmastered.

I titled the composition '
VESPER REY', and left it untouched yet for this one raw recording.

If you stupid Americans understood this simple composition, you would never be sad again.

A 'vesper' is a prayer said at midnight.

Is a rey a particle or a wave?

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