Sunday, September 28, 2008

Youtube loves l'bastuerd fifi. thousands of women txt me

Yesterday, I began to go a little viral on Youtube since I started l'blog and l'youtube channel.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vesper Rey

One evening l'espirit of inspiration  moved me to compose one of the loveliest melodies and arrangements perhaps in all of the history of Europe. I immediately recorded it  into my computer, but left in unmixed or unmastered.

Later in the evening, three Nigerian women came to my house, begging to make love to l'Bastuerd Fifi. I obliged their delicate needs with the attention of a master. However, in the height of their pleasure, the entire hard drive of the recording was destroyed by the thunder of their orgasms. All I had left of the music was a simple mp3 file, unmixed, unmastered.

I titled the composition '
VESPER REY', and left it untouched yet for this one raw recording.

If you stupid Americans understood this simple composition, you would never be sad again.

A 'vesper' is a prayer said at midnight.

Is a rey a particle or a wave?

Vesper Rey to your computer. upload to mobile

I, l'bastuerd fifi, declare WAR on the US GOV copyright CZAR and PALIN ADMINISTRATION

Upon awakening this morning, I turned to blog.WIRED to see the impact my music and philosophy has had on that magazine over the past few years, and read the following article sans headline. Brace yourself, l'idiot Americans, this is going to get ugly.

Senate Passes Bill Creating 'Copyright Czar'. link

A copyright czar??? Have you l'idiot americans not done enough damage in the world? Are you now giving war powers to enforce the evil mafia influenced business models of Hollywood and the RIAA????

Let's look at some of the idiocracy here in fine detail, shall we?

The legislation, unanimously approved on a consent vote, came as lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are scrambling to hammer out a $700 billion Wall Street bailout.
EVIL! In the middle of the biggest l'idiot american financial tragedy in history, you concern yourselves to protect a mafia business model?
The executive and its office would be charged with creating a nationwide plan to combat piracy and "report directly to the president and Congress regarding domestic international intellectual property enforcement programs."

Come and get l'bastuerd fifi! I have circumvented EMI from releasing my record and ENCOURAGE everyone to download it for free millions and millions of times over.

You cannot PREVENT the free flow of information in a P2P network, not without changing the constitution or greatly restricting human freedom and ingenuity. Music was ALWAYS free until the beginning of the 20th century when mafia influenced MCA Lew Wasserman created and negotiated the standard model to deal with the new medium of the time, phonograph and radio.

If you overbloated and overstuffed studio CEO's would learn how to convert ATTENTION SPAN into commerce, you would benefit from the free trade of music. Since you are thinking like early 20th century mafia business men, only wishing to control the flow of the creative idea and with no foresight into the future, I predict FAIL.

Line up your new copyright czar up against your drug czar and terrorism czar and have fun collapsing into the 21st Century, l'idiots. I'm sure Sarah Palin will lead your copyright czar into victory.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Apologize for your brazen idiocracy, Wired blogger Eliot Van Buskirk!

I, l'Bastuerd Fifi, maître de l'allure furtive, revealer du tout ce qui est sensuel et digne de l'attraction femelle, have a story to tell!

This morning, after l'femme Pearl and l'femme Jazmine left my house after an late evening and early morning hot tub and mutual affection session, I went online and found a wonderful video, (see post below) called FILE SHARING is NOT STEALING. I blogged it as you l'idiot americans can read underneath.

I also did a Google search to see what other blogs may have found this video. I noticed that one of the blogs who found it was Wonderful, I thought, I should expect to read a similar elucidation on the topic, perhaps even rivaling my own, but what did I read instead from the writer, Eliot Van Buskirk???
it's true, file sharing is not stealing. It's infringement, which comes with much higher fines (up to $150K per song) and potentially longer jail times than you'd get for stealing a CD.
l'idiot American!

Filesharing is NEITHER stealing NOR infringement. it is simply the free transfer of digital files computer to computer via a P2P network. Your article, if objective, should have stated
And it's true, file sharing is not stealing, however, in some cases, it can be considered infringement on copyright law, which comes with much higher fines (up to $150K per song) and potentially longer jail times than you'd get for stealing a CD.
You must be an EMI records evil and stupid Sarah Palin supporter. Apologize to the people, Eliot Van Buskirk, for your misleading entry!

RIAA FAIL: Lose verdict against online downloader

The $222,000 verdict against Jammy Thomas for copyright infringement by P2P is no more. U.S. District Court Judge Michael Davis dismissed the verdict, saying it was based on the faulty “making available” theory of distribution. Thomas will face a new trial, in which the RIAA will have to prove actual distribution.

The decision means the RIAA now has zero wins at trial, Wired notes.

Filesharing is NOT Stealing

Clearly, those who made this video reek with genius and have gained the clarity of the saints.

BROTHERS and SISTERS. Enter the world of the sublime

In this latest epic masterpiece, I, l'Bastuerd Fifi, capture the slink in all of it's fine detail, as I allow the sultry vocals of l'femme Therese Willis to percolate like morning coffee over a bass line that was designed to stimulate your lower back and groin region.

If l'idiot American was able to handle such ferociousness, there would be peace between men and women and all the babies in the world would be happy. Stupid Americans with your idiot Palin for President philosophy! I release my music to you free of charge in the hope that you will change your voting and eating habits.

Brothers and Sisters. Download to your computer. Upload to your

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Fifi Bastard stuns the music world with his rendition of 'IF I COULD BE WITH YOU'

The slink transcends elegance in this track, where I met l'femme Jade Vincent for a famous cover of a Count Bassie jazz tune "If I Could Be With You". Although my music is priceless and beyond any vulgar value that the evil and stupid EMI RECORDS could place upon it, I make this track available to you absolutely free, with lotsa love from Fifi.

L'computer download.
L'mobile download.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I declare political asylum from my record deal with EMI. Official notice.

I, L' Bastuerd Fifi, maître de l'allure furtive, appreciator grand du vagin de concepteur,have this to say!
I will NOT allow the evil and stupid EMI RECORDS to release my album in America in protest to the Jesus philosophy of Presidential nominee Sarah Palin!

Some of you may ask, and some may even say "Oh Fifi, although your vision glistens with the clarity and wisdom of the ages, for why? Did they not already pay you handsomely for such an offer?"

And I say, ALL music is FREE you American l'idiots, and you paid me anyway. ha!

ISP says soufflez-moi (blow me) to Belgian Court. 'We can't stop filesharing"

Today, l"bastuerd fifi's favorite blog L' Torrent Freak, told the following tale. In 2007 a court in Belgium ordered Internet Service Providers to block or filter copyright infringing files on a P2P Network. Their response?
An ISP which was ordered by a court to stop illegal file-sharing on its network, says it simply can not. The Belgian ISP Scarlet says the court’s verdict is unworkable and after trying to slow traffic and also filter it, it says it’s not possible to stop the flow of illicit files since Audible Magic doesn’t work.
L'idiots! You cannot prevent the free flow of information inside of l'internet! You idiots must embrace it's framework and upgrade your mafia business models!


Monday, September 22, 2008 loves l'bastuerd fifi

Recently, the CEO of Michael Robertson contacted I, l'Bastuerd Fifi, master of the slink and purveyor of the sublime philosophy, saying "Oh Fifi Bastard, your music is so revealing of all that is sensual, and your philosophy has guided our company for years. We support you against the hated and despised EMI Records and their evil and stupid approach to music distribution and the slink."

"Go on." I said.

"We have a free mobile download service for mp3's and wanted to know if you would be the first to use it." He added, "We would be honored and this would be a historical musical event."

"It is free, no strings attached? All music must be free, you bastard, this must be not another stupid American trick like the nomination of President Palin!" I responded.

"Oh yes Fifi, absolutely free. Download your luscious music that uplifts the women into your arms to any mobile phone."

I thought about this for a moment, free music to a mobile phone, beautiful women all over the world texting Fifi Bastard to all of their girlfriends and dreaming of l'bastuerd fifi.....hmmmm

Sweet Mademoiselle, consider this track to your bff -
J's Sleepin'

Slinky Stewardess, let the sublime philosophy guide you leave your country and come visit fifi, txt me back tho,k?
Walkin' Away

l'femme American, great thrusting awaits your tempestuous kisses, and when you make love to Fifi, nigerian women shall sing and clap their hands around us. text this to your swff.
Jane Says'

Friday, September 19, 2008

Blues For Samsara. Another magnum opus. Totally free.

Blues for Samsara. Produced and Arranged by L 'bastuerd Fifi, Master of the Slink. With l'femme Therese Willis. free download, no telechargment.

Literally one of the slinkiest moves one can conceivably fit into one composition. Most composers would need three or four albums to fit such intensity. An utterly epic piece of music, on par with any great opera or magnum opus.

When you listen to it, you will agree, and you will say "Oh Fifi, your music is ultimately sublime and revealing, and yet you make such beauty available to us for free, truly truly truly, thrice times, you are great!" and I shall say in response, whispering in your little ear "yes, now lie back, and play with yourself"

Linking to TORRENTS now LEGAL in SPAIN

Un l'good news today for P2P filesharing rights. TORRENT FREAK reports that...
A court has ruled that a site providing links to P2P downloads is operating legally. The Provincial Court of Madrid ruled that, a site offering eDonkey links to movies, music, software and games does not break the law. The court’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Press Conference Fiasco

Yes, what all of you have been reading online trades is true, a few years back I gave a very explosive press conference. It's now up on YOUTUBE.

Here is the full conference.

WALKING AWAY - l'composition by L'bastuerd FIFI

This track and music video the Stupid and Evil Mafia Cartel called EMI RECORDS wanted to release as the first American Single on the Radio. They said, it would be a hit song, and they were thrilled that they could rape the pockets of teenage girls with their innocent adoration of l'bastuerd fifi.

Little did they know that this track, although absolutely elegant, is far from the finest of my recordings.

Stupid American Bastards. They said this track would get the most radio play. Idiots. All my music can get radio play if you pay the radio stations and Radio Promotion people enough money. Who do they think we are stupid?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

J's Sleepin'. (with l'femme Inara George)

J's Sleepin. Written, Arranged, and Produced by the Fifi BASTARD.
free download

Many astute music critics consider this track to represent 'the slink' more so than any other composition. It gently graces the vocals of Inara George with a sublime brilliance rarely captured in a studio. Only I, l'Bastuerd Fifi, am capable of such brilliance.

If America could learn to move with such grace as is represented by my sublime music, there would be peace in the world. To bad that I, l'bastuerd fifi, have more grace in my left toe than the entire nation of America.

You americans are about to elect President Palin. How typically stupid of you.


Fifi Bastard in the News Variety 04


Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Study Says Intellectual Property System Should DIE

Ben Jones from Torrent Freak writes
A recently released study has claims that the current ‘Intellectual Property’ situation in the world is not working well. Driven by a fear of losing out, and bolstered by an attitude that profit is the aim of IP, progress is hampered. Not only by the entertainment industry, also in biotechnology where medicines are sometimes restricted or withheld, causing deaths.


Jane Says. (with l' femme fannie franklin)

PRODUCED by The Fifi Bastard. free download.

Very few Americans are aware of the fact that your Jane’s Addiction lead singer Perry Farrel was a protégé’ of mine when he visited Paris in the mid 90’s. He was astonished, like most, of my raw sensuality expressed in mere rhythm and bass. He joined my artist revolution in Paris, Tres Modife. I played him an instrumental track of mine, and he acted like he heard the voice of God. He immediately pinned the lyrics to what became their number one pop song, “Jane Says”. This track is the original musical accompaniment that Perry Farrell himself wrote the lyrics too.

Many fans of Jane’s Addiction are astonished, some even offended, saying “Oh Fifi Bastard, although your music is ultimately sublime and revealing of all that is sensual, how could you record a precious Jane’s Addiction song? That is unforgivable! For why, Fifi Bastard, for why?”

And to them I say, blow me (soufflez-moi), for I am the Fifi Bastard, and whom the hell are you?

Here is your free mp3. When you American women will listen to it, you will only desire more of l'bastuerd fifi, and I shall come to you when the time is ripe for your illumination into the Secrets of the Slink.
I, le Basteurd Fifi, Maître de l'Allure furtive, le Grand Provoker, utterly spit on you Stupid Americans, and I chuckle at your primitive Jesus philosophy and your fried potato menu. Your President, Monsieur Bush, is likened to a chimpanzee, and the majority of your children and women are extra large and overstuffed from eating too much frito lay and marsh mellow fillings.

Welcome to my blog and make love to fifi bastard, sensual crazy american women, I shall devour your limbs with my passionate strokes.

Also, download my music for free.