Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ISP says soufflez-moi (blow me) to Belgian Court. 'We can't stop filesharing"

Today, l"bastuerd fifi's favorite blog L' Torrent Freak, told the following tale. In 2007 a court in Belgium ordered Internet Service Providers to block or filter copyright infringing files on a P2P Network. Their response?
An ISP which was ordered by a court to stop illegal file-sharing on its network, says it simply can not. The Belgian ISP Scarlet says the court’s verdict is unworkable and after trying to slow traffic and also filter it, it says it’s not possible to stop the flow of illicit files since Audible Magic doesn’t work.
L'idiots! You cannot prevent the free flow of information inside of l'internet! You idiots must embrace it's framework and upgrade your mafia business models!


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