Friday, September 19, 2008

Blues For Samsara. Another magnum opus. Totally free.

Blues for Samsara. Produced and Arranged by L 'bastuerd Fifi, Master of the Slink. With l'femme Therese Willis. free download, no telechargment.

Literally one of the slinkiest moves one can conceivably fit into one composition. Most composers would need three or four albums to fit such intensity. An utterly epic piece of music, on par with any great opera or magnum opus.

When you listen to it, you will agree, and you will say "Oh Fifi, your music is ultimately sublime and revealing, and yet you make such beauty available to us for free, truly truly truly, thrice times, you are great!" and I shall say in response, whispering in your little ear "yes, now lie back, and play with yourself"

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