Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Fascists of Music.

More than a hundred years ago, all music was free. Then came mediums such as radio, phonograph and television. So the music industry, influenced by mafia businessmen via MCA and Lew Wasserman, needed to figure how to turn these new mediums into cash.

Now, with the l'idiot copyright laws influenced by the mafia MCA Lew Wasserman in the early part of the 20th Century, music is controlled by a group of business men who sometimes are more interested in controlling HOW we listen to music and watch movies than they are about the profits themselves. They negotiate a thing called copyright to enforce control.

The thing is, copyright does not really exist in the same way that music or film does. Copyright laws are not traditions. Copyright is simply an interpretation about how we organize the flow of attention and value regarding music. It's not even a 'right' as in human rights or civil rights.

L'idiot mafia music and film businessmen, they use the protection of the artist as an excuse to protect the creation of art through this manipulation. They then act like they are protecting some centuries old tradition where the concerns of the artist are under attack. They then use the extremely small percentage of artists who make millions of dollars and use that like a carrot to entice all other artists into giving up their publishing rights.

The Evil and Stupid recording industry is like the mafia robber who sits on the bridge, asking all who cross it to pay a 'tax' so they are protected from robbers taking their money, yet they are the only ones taking it.

Evil Bastards. And many ask why I, L' Bastuerd Fifi, Master of the Slink, refuse to allow such retarded philosophy to govern my pristine music.

Case in point. Read this. Copyright Cops Target Kids Schools and Community Centers. Pay up, bitch, or you go to jail!
The Performing Rights Society, the UK outfit collecting royalties for the music industry, seems it will stop at nothing as it demands money from small businesses, charities, playschools, and now, kids’ community centers, all so that they can listen to music without fear of prosecution. Link.

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