Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh Fifi Bastard, where have you been? (the ladies want to know)

Many of you ladies have written me over the past few days, asking, "Oh Fifi Bastard, we miss your sensual words on your blog, you have not posted much of anything lately!"

Well I certainly understand your feeling of loss, yet you must realize, American l'femme, that you are in an election cycle, and until Nov 4th, I, L'bastuerd fifi, Master of the Slink and fair judge of character, shall only post things of interest in this category.

L'idiot American! Your idolatry of L'Bastuerd Fifi, although flattering, must not interfere with the information war that you nation is in. Please, focus only on defeating the evil Palin Administration and if you Americans elect Barack Obama, Fifi may consider releasing his music to you as fair reward.

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